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Need your Help!

hi Guys
I've been searching for more days now. And I've really tried everything. Without success. The Options.text changed. And deleted. All settings in compatibility mode. Up to five complete reinstallations. So, the problem now is that I have the game in 800x600 pixels in full screen on my laptop (1280x800) would like to play. A few days ago, this was still easy, the only thing I have changed so far on my system, were new graphics drivers. Because RCT3 run a bit slowly as before.
When I try to change the resolution in the game, from "window mode" (which I have never set before!) To 800x600 full screen, it still remains a small picture, with ugly bugs that were not there before. How can I get it back with 800x600 in full screen mode to run?
Thanks for now...

i found a fantastic little prog.this allows any games to play at full resolution.in any resolution.
the name is: Borderless Gaming
I would back up all the custom files, remove and reinstall the game.

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