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RCT3 Disneyland Anaheim SuperPark ALL AREA soon on RCT3: Soaked! and Wild!

I will soon publish my Anaheim super park, it includes all hotels, full parking area, includes new parking area, Two Disney parks, including new StarWars attraction ... months of work, little to publish. .. soon.


[Image: rtA95OK.png]
hunmm really thought someone would write something motivational for me to post ... interesting ... Nerd
Any CC needed? I'm not very familiar with the California Disney.
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RCT3 Soaked! and wild
I'm sorry if I didn't understand the question ... I suppose.

My idea with this map was to make the entire Anaheim area, including hotels, parking lots, and thereby add to my imagination, such as a monorail pass that takes a few minutes to navigate the entire map in an immersive environment. all on a map that requires no add-ons, made only with the features of the scenery itself and its original basic tools, use satellite photos and attraction photos and site photos, adapted to the basic feature limitations of RCT3, here it is a photo of the new disneyland facility that expanded the park's parking area, a newly opened structure in disney's area. note that it is all original piece, using only id to adapt ECR limits, thanks

Below some photos, the parks are still a secret, because I don't copy anyone and they are fantastic !!
[Image: gsX17P2.png]
[Image: 2cadDGp.png]
[Image: tXK6i3p.png]
[Image: wtTcTCl.png]
Those glass awnings are lovely and so recognizably Disney. If the parking structures are this detailed, I can't wait to see what the parks look like!
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!

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