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Hi guys

Smile Hi guys, i'm new to RCTgo.  I have been downloading RCT2 scenarios every week from here for a while now and I am really, really enjoying playing them.  I had the game years ago and i loved it, and i still love it just as much now.  I play it every night and I especially like to spend time designing rides and making nice scenery.  I thought i might try my hand at designing a scenario myself, so watch this space for me uploading one, if I can manage it.  It might take me some time so bare with me, LOL!!!   Biggrin
Welcome to the cummnity. I saw yours scenario they are looking very nice.

Very good work on the scenario.
Thanx, I am really enjoying making scenarios, Its more fun than playing them. lol
I also like to make nice things as parks, buillding roller coaster and scenarios. In the rct3.

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