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Unable to save game!


I bought Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic a few days ago thanks to Steam.
Since then, I have started several games but each time, it is impossible to save! When I start the save, the game bugs and runs in a vacuum. I have to force the stop and when I restart, the game has not been saved, I have to start all over again!
I'm on Windows 8.1.
Can someone help me? Thank you in advance!

Sorry for my English mistakes, I'm French.
This sounds like a permissions issue (windows blocking the game from writing to disc); not a major problem, just irritating. But as there are subtle differences between Steam and normal versions of the game you might want to post in the Steam forums.

One quick thing to try (for any version of a game) - right click on the game exe and select XP compatibility mode, then check "run as administrator".

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