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RCT3 Ideas for a Dark Ride using the AP DR by Revolutionary Rides

I am making a SCI-FI based ride called Alien Last Mission has Encountered (AP-DR ride)

Story plot:

You go to a office to be greeted by a group of friendly staff of a office

The office hears a alarm alerting for aliens trying to attack the facility of the core

Then you go to a sharp based dive turn touring around the facility as it explodes due to aliens taking it over by activating self destruct and everyone goes to lock down 

As you go you'll have to escape the facility in the AP-DR the riders will shake in motion based vehicles and goes on a mission to space go to back to the earth.

At the end the owner of the office congrats them for rescuing the office due to a alien attack

The line will tour riders into a office as it's starting point 

Any advise on muti level show scenes  thank you 

[Image: Shot0020.png]
[Image: Shot0021.png]
[Image: Shot0022.png]
[Image: Shot0023.png]
[Image: Shot0024.png]

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