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[RCT3] Six Flags Great America 2002

I've been playing RCT3 for years and years but during the pandemic I decided to come back to it out of boredom and a desire to see full parks with maskless people frolicking about.

My home park is Great Adventure and I cut my teeth on The Great American Scream Machine. I've loved Arrow loopers ever since, they have a beautiful unique look and are always fun to ride.

I find ShockWave at Great America to be more interesting than Scream Machine so I decided to do a replica but what is the ride without it's surrounding area. 2002 on paper would have been my favorite year for Great America. V2, Deja Vu added and ShockWave still greeting guests entering the park and towering over Orleans Place. The view from the top of the lift was integral to the ride. So I'm working on a replica of the park from that area. So far I've finished Carousel Plaza and most of Orleans Place.

[Image: VRwoanO.png]

ShockWave towering over the parking lot and entrance plaza.

[Image: k9Bn0Oz.png]

ShockWave's entrance and gift shop buildings on Orlean's Place, with Condor as well.

[Image: T071UUj.png]

First drop from the que line. Always loved how it was this weird bridge through the backstage area into the center of the parking lot.

[Image: JSMqZET.png]

Overview from Sky Trek Tower (It's built as part of Carousel Plaza and gives this view but I don't like the yellow glass tint).

[Image: YLh4t3j.png]

Overview from rear (lake side) of the coaster

[Image: EGGtoYt.png]

ShockWave's famous corkscrews leading into the station.

More screenshots to come, hope you all like it!

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