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Quaywest Adventure Park

Awsome job dude!
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Just checked out your coaster video and wow THAT WAS COOL
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5 videos FOR YOU
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Sorry ppl, i've been busy playing the new scenarios in Wild! And kinda forgot about my megapark. Nothing new has been copied over from the RCT1 or created, instead I spent some time making the park look more "real". A user on the Atari US forums said that the food areas just look like a bunch of food stalls thrown together in one place... In RCT 1 (Which is where I first created this park) just dumping a food stall in an area was all you could do. So, in an attempt to explore the wonderful world of scenery stacking 3D style, I went to work on improving the 2 food areas found in the park, I also made a few adjustments to the rollercoaster "Ricochet" to make that loop look a tad better, and also included a few airiel shots of the park as it is. Enjoy:

Quaywest Beach Food Court:
Quaywest Beach Shot 1
Quaywest Beach Shot 2
Quaywest Beach Shot 3
Quaywest Beach Shot 4
Quaywest Beach Shot 5
Quaywest Beach Shot 6
Quaywest Beach Shot 7
Quaywest Beach Shot 8

Quay Castle Food Court:
Quay Castle Shot 1
Quay Castle Shot 2
Quay Castle Shot 3
Quay Castle Shot 4
Quay Castle Shot 5

Ariel Shots:
Quay Castle Ariel Shot
Long View Over Quaywest Beach
Ricochet Loop

They are only small changes, but compare them with the original shots taken about a month ago, or even how it looked in RCT1, and you will see why I did it Smile

Any feedback apreciated, more updates to follow next week...
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Nice progress!!
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5 videos FOR YOU
i love that thunder rock race video so much!

its fantastic! Biggrin
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Goodness Gracious, nice job!
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1 word! Great
wicked park. loving it
That woodiee was lush, the theming is outstanding too.Well done.
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Thanks for all your comments guys, they are much apreciated. Now my PC is up to speed, the project will continue...

Here's a quick teaser of things to come. This is a flying coaster, triple racer! I've never seen this done yet, but the idea is that the 3 sepearate coasters race each other. I've built more than this, but thats all im letting you see! The ride is suspended above Quaywest Beach, and winds around all the flat rides in that area.

They will be called Mach 1, 2 and 3... Check it out:

[Image: Shot0000.jpg]
[Image: Shot0003.jpg]

This ride was not in the original park, and is being worked on over the next week or so, check back for updates soon!
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