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Mine well long story. Originally whilst playing RCT 3 i made a firework show ot the song FLASH sang by queen. When i joined this forum my aim was to just upload my show and go but i needed help so when i joined i called myself flash. Ironically i still havnt uploaded the show :P but im memeber of the month in october :P
Member of the month - October - 2006
Yay. Icicles.
My username was completely random. I do have RCT3: Soaked!, but there is no way in hell that I have mastered it.
I couldnt think of a clever or funny name that macthed my personality and ive never really had a nick name so I got really origanal (NOT) and used my own name lol Smile
As some of you know, I'm from denmark.
We have a Nationwide company Called Hjem-is (would be Home-ice i english)
They drive around in residential areas, ringing an old-fashioned bell, so you know, that they are in your neighbourghhood, and of course selling Ice-cream, from their van. (wich is basicly a driving Freezer)..
(selling the ice-cream, in boxes of, f.ex. 20 pcs.)

They started the company in Sweden, in 1976.

That's some of the company story...... and..
I'm from '76 myself, and i was eating, an Ice-cream, from "Hjem-is", when registred in here...
Pardon my french, I'm danish.. Eekops:
I'll have to leave you guessing about mine Smile
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Member Of The Month: March 2006
Hmmmm :idea: Something 2004 :P
Mine's got a long, LONG history. Loustar Jogger. I <3 http://www.homestarrunner.com. Loustar Jogger is a fan character based off of teh title character, Homestar Runner. Let's break his(Loustar's) name down, shall we?
Lou - my name: Louis
star - HomeSTAR
Jog - Run
ger - ner
Maybe I shoulda called him Lou...istar Jogger. That woulda kept his and Homestar's names together. I made him last year. The 6th grade. Last school year. At the very end. On like, literaly the last day.

Um...so, who clicked the link? Wink
I love going to themeparks and riding Rollercoasters and i am a boy so i said 'Coasterboy' ( but on some sites i need to put 123 at the end )
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Mines self-explanatory.
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Current Projects- The Lost Island
tikitiki Wrote:Tikitiki came from the old ancients of Tiarikitikirikitirikitikirikitiki land.


Actually Tikitiki came from complete randomness! Shh dont tell Wink

Shhhhh!!! dont tell but tikitiki was the original copy of this one's e-mail address, dont worry it wont work, it's partial.

Look at me custom Title and Siggy for wat's behing my username, used to be tametower, but ahero seperates into A Hero and it is FOR (4) heor, which when editing the last two characters of hero (switches the two) you get heor. =D AND its just cool, made it up for runescape, have like 3 for runescape, eathr (edited earth), ruen (on just forums, edited rune, the forum I registered for said eathr was too long and heor was taken, lmao)


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