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new tussauds park

Hi I thought i'd share my first attempt at a realistic looking and feeling park from RCT3. The Park is fictional but i'm building it as if it were another Tussauds park in the UK, with general restrictions such as height limits and such.

[Image: marketsqentrance4ad.th.jpg]

This is the brand new entrance to the Market Square section of the park (the central area) themed around a continental castle, Red Dragon (the spinning Wild Mouse) being the centerpiece.

[Image: avovetecupspinner9gv.th.jpg]

This shows the newly bulit Starbucks and more of the Wild Mouse because I extended it, it now has two lift hills.

[Image: mainstreet0ij.th.jpg]

A pic of the 'mainstreet' area leading up to market square.

[Image: overview0oc.th.jpg]

An overview of the reworked area. Smile

Please bear in mind this is my first attempt at a park in RCT3 so please be nice! Peace
Hey.....did you say that was your first.Thats pretty swell.....did you happen to use the Wild Mouse Supports Patch?
Thanks! Yeah i've used a tonne of custom scenery packs on this park, can't get enough of them, I haven't had any problems with them so far so is all good! I used Jcats Mouseworx, I think its called.

THe is park is obviously a WIP so expect an update soon. Smile
wow, if this is your 1st attempt, then i cant w8 to see more from you in the futureSmileSmile
[Image: 11aaedg.jpg]
[Image: rct3x.co.uk.jpg]
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Fantastic start.
Wow this park is amazing. If this is your first realistic attempt of making park, just think what your six park will look like. shaun and g Force Junkie I think you may have some competition.
[Image: image.png]
New Disney Expansion pack, is it true
amazing Park Jezzy!! Especially for your 1st one too.
[Image: 1.jpg]
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Thankyou guys for all you kind coments! It means alot when it comes from great park builders like you guys! Smile

Its taken me so long to do what i've done so far, basically because i'll build something then knock it down if its not 'perfect' in my eyes so its a slow process. Also when I first started the park I had no custom scenery, then I went on a mad binge and I keep finding new and better things to replace old things with!

Well anyway i'm just blabbering, what i'm trying to say it that an update may be in a while but there will definately be one!

Thanks again Smile


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