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Fantasy Pools

i think we should be making fantasy pools and stuff like that

in this post i'll add my first fantasy pool
wat do u mean and f.y.i the attached file doesnt work
Smile Know It All Man Smile
u no im the 1st in RCT3
any questions on RCT3
ill try 2 answer them
refering to the name of the file we should make a contest with fantasy pools and other stuff like that
really weird

just add it to C:\Documents and Settings\bob\My Documents\RCT3\Parks

that should fix it
send files to [email protected]
i'll add a winner every week
how about every month

come on, it doesn't take that long
What is a fantasy pool :S?
Can we just give you pics?
[Image: 2yowokk.jpg]
In European countries mostly people have liked and used it especially for taking the bath Am i right dude So,if any body wants to share any information/pics about it then please share me dude you can do it buddy???????????????SmileSmile

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