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Los Santos: A mistery on the seven seas... [POV]

[Image: shot0359.jpg]

[Image: shot0360n.jpg]

High above the trees, something is rising...
Some say it's a curse, but we don't believe what everyone says.
We seak adventure. We will find out what happend on the seven seas many years ago...

Friendly greetings, jordy_rym.
Wow, cool. This sounds great, can't wait to see more.
ooh ooh ooh build it RIGHT NOW!
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
Once, on the seven seas, something happend wich changed everything. The world as we know it, dosn't exist anymore. Some say it's a curse, and some say it's a beast. But none of these story's are true... The only way to find out what happend years ago, is to do exactly the same as they once did...

[Image: shot0362.jpg]

I'l stop teasing you guys after this update. Next update I'l give you a date for the POV. Smile

BTW, the ship has got windows and more, but it disapears when I zoom out this far. Wink
Can't wait for the POV, really interesting story.
The complete story:

Once, there was a captain called Bloody John Kidd. (got this from http://www.piratequiz.com/ XD) He sailed the seven seas for many years, he was the most feared pirate in his time. And on one day he sailed out, but he never came back... Some say he was cursed, others say he was eaten by "the kraken". But no one ever knew what actually happend... Years have passed since Bloody John disappeared. Now, in the year 1832, strange things are happening in the village "Los Santos". The village is situated in the feared "shark bay". Some say it's a curse, and some say it's "the kraken", but none of these story's are true. The actual truth is something we will never know... At least, that's what we thought. But on some day a strange ghost ship appeared. When we saw it's captain we all knew what happend many years ago...

Onto the screens now:

[Image: shot0363w.jpg]

[Image: shot0364.jpg]

[Image: shot0365k.jpg]

[Image: shot0366.jpg]

The POV will be released on the first of february.
I can't believe I haven't noticed this yet, it looks great and I am looking forward to the pov.
and where did you get those spiral staircases. i have beens searching for ever for them. i found a set called vohdins ironwork or something but those were to elegant. someone needs to make a spiral staircase set. with tops and stuff.
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
POV! I didn't have any more inspiration and started to get bored from this project so you maybe can see some unfinished pieces.

The station + the unfinished queue.

[Image: shot0367s.jpg]



Have fun watching!
Pretty good work, Jordy. Graphics weren't the best, but you made it look nice. You also need to add more land coloring, or terracoloring, to the ground. I only saw 2 or 3 different colors.


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