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[RCT3-CTR] Vekoma SLC [BETA]

Except that half of us don't know how to make custom tracks (that aren't from the Europa Park addons).
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
which is why we download them, making CTRs is to much work for me
Who needs realism when you have creativity?
Don't kill yourself kids!
The effort is VERY rewarding when you've made your own CTR. Tongue

But yeah, I just download CTRs. Smile
[Image: comp-3.gif]

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same here Smile
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
I couldn't work on the CTR because of the exams, but for now:

BETA: http://www.mediafire.com/?n5d881zktmbwfcy
Yay!!!! I'll use my handy download buttons for you.

[Image: 99626406790056175736.png]
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
Alex why is your URL different then jordy's?

But that ctr is smexy :o
Here's what I did:

1. Upload the file to the internet (in this case it already was)
2. Download the file in Google Chrome
3. Open your downloads
4. Copy the link for the direct download (I think it's called a hotlink)
5. Insert the picture into a full post and make the link the one you copied
6. Voila. The picture is now a download button
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
Even though this ride IRL ruins my neck, I still love it. It looks great btw! Keep Working!
Can anyone upload this the link doesn't work anymore. Much appreciated.

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