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Poll: What building should I build next for the set?:)
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Cinema or movie theater
11 20.75%
Another restaurant/cafe
8 15.09%
Hotel building
11 20.75%
Shopping building (retail center)
13 24.53%
Stage/live show
10 18.87%
Total 53 vote(s) 100%
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Main Street Style Building Collection

I have finally finished #3, #4 and #5!! Number three works well on an outer corner. This (at least I think) is more of a decoration as I couldn't see that I could fit in stall. Maybe somebody can figure out how to place stalls in there without it looking corny. LOLSmile The download for number 3 can be found here:
Here are some pictures of it:
[Image: Shot0124_zps83e4b79a.png]
[Image: Shot0125_zps948ee31d.png]
[Image: Shot0126_zpsec1f5a65.png]

Number 4:
This is just a generic main-street style building, you can use it to put in food, shopping etc. It can be used to place about 4 stalls in. The download can be found here:
[Image: Shot0130_zps9c348324.png]
[Image: Shot0129_zpsa1fa34dd.png]
[Image: Shot0131_zps525b86cf.png]

Number #5:
Another main-street style building which could be used for anything you like!Smile The download can be found here:
[Image: Shot0133_zpsd466b912.png]
[Image: Shot0132_zps6d7cdd91.png]
I'll get more made and uploaded but after making a mass download of them I'm kinda tuckered out. ha ha Tongue
Please check your pm!

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Hi! I'm still working on this project, it isn't dead or anything although I have been putting alot of my focus on building Americana GardensHappy:

I have started work on the next building in the series, another shopping type of building.

Stay tuned!
Hey guys!!

I have finally gotten the next three done in the set!!Biggrin All three of them I only really focused on the front side of them. Of course the backs have walls and stuff, but I did not put in windows because I intended that they would be put tightly right next to another building. All of the building are quite easily recolorable; simply use the paintbrush tool under the structures section.

The first one for today:
Main-Street style building #6 Cornerside Confectionery. The name indicates that it is meant to be for candy, ice cream etc. but of course, you can put in any type of stall you want! No other custom scenery is required except Shyguy's mainstreet sets 1-9.

[Image: 7538_51b8da3eba877.jpg]

[Image: 7538_51b8da26eab48.jpg]

[Image: 7538_51b8da0f80de4.jpg]

[Image: 7538_51b8d9d672233.jpg]

You can find #6 for download here:

The second one for today:
Main-Street style building #7-Jewelry shop. I only called it this because I inserted a sign which said Jewelry. There is room in the building for three stalls. As with number 6 no other custom scenery is needed besides Shyguy's mainstreet sets 1-9.

And you can download it here!Biggrin:

Here are some pictures of it!:

[Image: 7539_51b8dc4507337.jpg]

[Image: 7539_51b8dc50dc3ad.jpg]

[Image: 7539_51b8dc5d59e9c.jpg]

The third and last one for today!Smile:

Main-Street Style Building #8-Cafe. This building unlike the two above (#6 and #7 in the set) was built not for the purpose of being put on a corner. In other words, it would fit in better in the middle of a row of buildings. This structure has room for three stalls.

Other custom scenery is required than just Shyguy's Main street sets:

Vodhin's light kit
(I think you will need both of these files)
StationJimjr's Gardening set

Here are the pictures!Biggrin:

[Image: 7540_51b8df9c46438.jpg]

[Image: 7540_51b8df06cae50.jpg]

[Image: 7540_51b8dfb51ba1e.jpg]

[Image: 7540_51b8dfa8456e9.jpg]

You can download building #8 here:

Tell me what I should make for #9 and #10!!SmileSmileSmile
These are nice, but my peeps can 't access any of the stalls.
wow I really like the buildings on this! I should use a few in a next park..
[Image: 8lbd5Z7.png]
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Im getting the error below when trying to download those buildings.. Frown

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