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Nerdygeekrct's Scenarios!

Welcome to my Scenarios Thread!

Here you can find all the scenarios I made or will make. Stay tuned for more exciting stories and the release of scenarios!

The "Coming Soon" thread also has release dates, to ensure that you can keep up and stay tuned.


SAGAs are series of scenarios that follow a common theme. For example, the Broken Down Saga (originated with Broken Down) will challenge your skills as you attempt to fix parks that are, um, broken down. Here is a list of sagas:

The Broken Down Saga - Prove your mastery in RCT3 as you fix parks that are out of order, neglected, and plain dirty.
Broken Down Scenarios - Broken Down (RELEASED), Rotten Candy, unrevealed scenario

Build - In Build, you can build anything you want, on one condition - you are subjected to a crazy restriction. Ever tried building 10 coasters in a park area of 20 x 20?
Build Scenarios - Up, Down, Above

Now Released

Broken Down - FIRST GAME IN THE BROKEN DOWN SAGA With Guido Guicci ousted from management after neglecting Bridgeport Amusements and leaving the town's amusement park to rot, it's your time to prove that you are a true RollerCoaster Tycoon!

RCT3 Download: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/6821
RCT3 Thread: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-7531.html
RCT3 Trailer:

Coming Soon

Rotten Candy - TO BE RELEASED FEBRUARY 14, 2015 Candyland used to be just a small, charming kiddie theme park built around confectionery. Everything was colored purple and pink, from the carousel to the roller coaster, and the occasional brown for chocolate. However, on 1 April, Year 7, a new ride named the "Multicolored Launcher" was opened. It was to be the most intense ride in the entire collection, with an upward acceleration followed by several consecutive drops, all while feet dangle off the track. However, the installation of Winux on the control for the ride led to memory overflows caused by Denial of Service attacks and an unpatched bug, which led to a corruption of ride control values. The Launcher was sent upwards at 145 miles per hour, far past its actual speed, and it went past the tower, leading to the deaths of all riders and a few passersby. Fast forward to 1 March, Year 8. There are no guests. The park rating plummeted. The reputation from the bloody accident drove all families away from the theme park. The board of directors is desperate. They contacted you. You have a track record for bringing your own parks to life. Can you help them build a sweeter tomorrow? Or will you leave the candy to rot?


Unrevealed scenario - More information to come soon.
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WIP: Rotten Candy Scenario (Mid 2015), NoLimits Intamin coaster, NoLimits Mack launched coaster
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