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READ FIRST: Build It! Competition

I tend to use a lot of custom scenery in my projects and have a hard time limiting my usage, meaning that a lot of my rides end up with dozens of sets in use. Given that all Build It! entries and winners are featured for download, I'm hesitant to enter some of the projects I'm working on since the range of scenery involved could make downloading/opening/using the file unrealistic for many users. Are CS-heavy projects encouraged or should I work to make my entries more accessible?
The most popular RCT3 entries within the past few years have been CS-heavy, and most users agree that the RCT3 coasters that use CS (properly) look better than the NCSO coasters simply because the ingame scenery is unrealistic, and can therefore be very limiting. Some users will even go as far as to say that custom supports on a steel coaster are a necessity. If you know how to use CS in RCT3, it is always encouraged.

When the coaster becomes available for download, if you're worried about accessibility, edit the description with a list of every CS set used for that particular coaster, or just post it in the comments. This will allow users who want to open the file to have the option to download all the necessary sets.
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