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Downloads Section - Download Help

This section of the forum is for only posting your downloads!

To add downloads:
>> Add a link to the download
>> Add a screenshot
>> Add the ratings (if necessary)

How to download - where to download!

To download a file, click on the link of the file.
Select 'Save' from the options:
[Image: save1.jpg]
Find 'My Documents','RCT3' and open the folder up:
[Image: save.jpg]
Open up the 'RCT3' file and select the folder for which you are downloading;
Parks = 'Scenarios'
Rollercoasters = 'Coasters'
Fireworks = 'Fireworks'
Scenery = 'Structures'
Is there any new scenery here, which is not in the 3 games that are available?

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