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Well my scrap pile is innumerable. I believe I have forfeited less projects recently than I have ever before... maybe because I haven't played RCT3 in a while... LOL
[Image: Ardy.png]
Man I can't build one ride without losing interest in it. For real I haven't made a video in over 2 years.
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cough cough the old mill cough cough
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(May 6, 2015, 11:00 PM)naveisawesome Wrote: cough cough the old mill cough cough

Published on Oct 27, 2012
Who needs realism when you have creativity?
Don't kill yourself kids!
Some of my old RCT1 stuff not good enough to upload:

[Image: sy1.png]

Eight lane steeplechase.

[Image: sy2.png]


[Image: sy3.png]

"Flying Carpets"

[Image: sy4.png]

Duelling inverted rollercoasters.
[Image: ?url=i.imgur.com%2F2sDmsvu.png]
niesh those are amazing! Im not sure why you would just stop working on them, at least pt them in the downloads, especially dragon
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

Thanks, but I really don't think they're good enough to upload. I sometimes do take inspiration from my old stuff though. For example, this...:

[Image: sy5.png]

...inspired me 12 years later to build this:

[Image: 516e91903b3b0.png]
[Image: ?url=i.imgur.com%2F2sDmsvu.png]
Coils Park was a story park of mine that shows different events of what happens through the park.

With very little scenery, a giant frisbee and a Robocoaster in 2002, unrealistic coasters, terrain trouble, stupid stories, nobody commenting, nothing but criticism and much more, I decided to abandon the project.

I really wanted to restart the project but I couldn't delete threads. So I just went "ah, forget it" and completely abandoned the park.
Huh... That's interesting.
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I'm working on a huge RCT3 park called RCT3 Paradise. Its supposed to have a section for most of the major themes I've got the Western area nearly finished, the jungle area is open and now im getting a polar section ready. But this is taking up a huge chunk of my time and I don't know if I'll be able to finish it on my own

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