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(Jul 18, 2017, 01:26 AM)cp2013 Wrote: this was somthing i was going to complete but the loss of the RCT lounge really put a damper on it, real shame to because it is 100% gone except for these pics (new PC and i'm not sure i can find the original save) This was going to be a fantasy alpine theme around some sort of dragon.

[Image: MGPQhPV.png]

That really stinks! I know how that is, I have had that happen to me quite a few times in the past. But on the positive side of things, I love this layout!! Really nice build. I really like how it doesn't just go right into the lift hill and has some elements before it! Definitely, makes it stand out. I also really like the station and how the track goes inside of it! 

Oh, and your color choice was on point Smile
I think the problem I have is finding the motivation to keep going I've started so many projects but instantly lost my motivation if I found it too time consuming or if I built something wrong. But I also have a lot of self doubt at times especially when I see entries to the completion that I know I can't match. I mean, take Ice Howler as an example. Its got usable curved steps. Something I don't know how to do. I think what it comes down to is if I hit a hard spot or get impatient I just tend to abandoned the project all together.
The only way to match those entries you see is to work on stuff and finish it. Work on small projects and finish them, and improve gradually. Don’t pull a me and start big stuff all the time.
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Well I AM working on a Wooden Coaster gradually. I took a break today but the past 3 days I've been working on the supports

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