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My first park!!!

Hi everyone I have just started building my first park. wanted to post No name yet. I am also recording the build so far. i have no sound or music added to it but i could post it if people would like.

(right click and view image to see full size)

[Image: 7ZveD8.png]

[Image: xoP7qV.png]

[Image: AEON4z.png]

[Image: nJhK98.png]

[Image: 2WMmdN.png]

So far i have just build the working entrance. i took the in game gates and then build around them with walls and added paths it was a long build took many trial and errors but it was sweet to build now i can begin the large park building now and play Smile
that is a lot of covers, looks good though
That's interesting.
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
Quite the entrance. Trumps the entrance to Cedar Point or the new Carowinds entrance. Bit over-the-top, but otherwise good work.

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