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San Lacrona Beach Resort: Interactive Park Map

San Lacrona Beach Resort
by RCT D!

San Lacrona Beach is a theme park in the tropical regions which was found in 2012 in a coproduction with Starlight. This year a new themed area will open named Monsters of the Sea. There will be a water-effect show and two e-Ticket rides, a hotel, restaurants and shops.

End of 2012: The first themed area
[Image: s621.jpg]

Spring of 2013: First Darkride
[Image: xhnuj5w6.jpg]

Park map of San Lacrona Beach in summer 2013
[Image: 4itv.jpg]

Second themed area: Monsters of the Sea 2014-2015
[Image: lsgntr4n.jpg]

Monsters of the Sea water and effect show in autumn of 2014
[Image: gvy96zyn.jpg]

San Lacrona Beach Winterzauber in winter 2014
[Image: z85fwr9q.jpg]

Carta Marina: first e-ticket ride in the second themed area (opneing march of 2015)
[Image: o2j476aw.jpg]
[Image: o5vk8kr5.jpg]

Embark on a challenging quest and explore a long-lost world teeming with tantalizing secrets and legends of mythical creatures. Deep in the heart of the new themed area Monsters of the Sea in San Lacrona Beach Resort there is an old and hidden map: Carta Marina - the legendary map of the monsters of the sea. The map shows the rough direction, in which a treasure of unimaginable worth lays. Carta Marina awaits you before the end of March 2015!

[Image: lkfjvekm.jpg]

[Image: ig8ladb8.jpg]
This is amazing stuff. Nice presentation. Theming, lighting and backdrops are SUPERB. I especially love the Carta Marina station. It does not look like it belongs in RCT3! Just... wow. Keep on going Biggrin
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Carta Marina
Submarine Voyage

Immerse yourself in an underwater hunt for sea monsters scattered throughout the sea. You are going to explore the behaviour of that monsters, but be careful!

Location: San Lacrona Beach Resort [Monsters of the Sea area]
Ride type: fully immersed 4D multi-motion simulator experience
Ride duration: more than 5 minutes
Setting: underwater, sea monsters (scary atmosphere)
Cost: $15,5 millions
Minimum height: 1,25 meters
Specifics: 2nd e-ticket ride in Monsters of the Sea, never used 4D technology in RCT3

[Image: pc9s5pp9.gif]

[Image: vpn3vh87.jpg]

[Image: fifeywgq.jpg]

by RCT D!
This looks very good! I love the scenery for this ride, and the park is amazing
San Lacrona Beach Resort
Interactive Park Map

You want to visit the whole park, all areas, all places? You want to know where exactly a certain ride is located in the park? Then you should use the first interactive park map of San Lacrona Beach Resort.
First of all you can visit the park without riding something by watching both area videos. Furthermore you can take a ride on all e-ticket rides and shows: San Lacrona Dark Water Ride, Carta Marina, Sea Monsters and the big water firework show in the second themed area. Furthermore yopu can watch a special video from the special winter event of San Lacrona Beach Resort: Winterzauber. Have much fun!
Simply amazing work, as stated before this does not look like it was made in RCT3. Keep up the good work m8!
Team CoasterTech

Simply amazing work, as stated before this does not look like it was made in RCT3. Keep up the good work m8!
Team CoasterTech


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