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Poll: What should i do to the retro street
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Restart it and fit into the park
1 100.00%
Just paste the old retro street
0 0%
Total 1 vote(s) 100%
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{WIP} NineFlagsinc Warner Brothers Studios Park

The park is looking amazing! African Adventure Resort can't wait to see more! Wink
Hello everyone sorry I been busy I am continuing on this project am I'm going to work this weekend and I will be posting on this park this Sunday..
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
What a perfect job !
NFI, I've been seeing your parks and it's always beautiful and incredibly realistic... Your work is will inspire me for a long time and it drives me to start making CS projects. I want to thank you for it !

Thank's for all and keep going !

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