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Planet Coaster Beta Thrillseeker (and my Projects thread, etc.)

Thanks for clarifying Chris. I appreciate it. Hope you are feeling better. There was another update to the game. But it's not the final release.
Here is the video I made regarding the update. New rides and other stuff.
[Image: dmF9RDV.jpg]

Regarding more updates.
Today there was an update with Planet Coaster. Some people are not happy with the way the textures are turning out in the game. If that is the issue I would recommend updating your graphics card driver. For example, I have a Nividia GeForce GTX graphics card. There was an update to the driver and after I did the update the graphics (textures) improved a lot in the game. Under game options in Planet Coaster you can also adjust the settings. If you have your settings on low it will affect the quality of the textures. If you put these on high it will affect the performance of the game and you may experience a little more lag. If I am making a video after I complete a project or want to take a nice screenshot, I may change the graphic settings to the highest to get the best quality. When I am making the park, I'm going to keep it at low or medium settings so I can get better performance. watching.

First coaster build in Beta: Thrillseeker...Not realistic just having fun. No scenery yet.
[Image: slIuwoA.jpg]

Planet Coaster Beta: Thrillseeker Update #5 Fixing bugs

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