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Manhattan Park

Hello everyone,

For the last few months I have been working on a build that is supposed to be my version of Central Park with high-rise apartments, restaurants, shops etc.

(I did this same type of build in RCT-2 years ago.)

The idea here is to use as much in-game scenery as possible, those skyscrapers really stack up the files!

This is a test run I stuffed with rides to see how the park fared, how much headroom if any I had before my system locked up... we are topping out at about 3500 guests and are running okay.
[Image: Shot3125.png]
[Image: Shot3086.png]
At first I had some pretty elaborate coasters in place, but I did have to lose a few of them because my system bogged down.

So, I'm trying to do as many easy and "passive" attractions as possible, here we have the custom aquarium, the 9-hole miniature golf course and the hydroponic garden in the lower-left corner...
[Image: Shot3135.png]
On the other side we have a large municipal pool and a park favorite, the lion exhibit, which makes a ton of money for the park, we both charge admission and sell the cubs for big bucks!
[Image: Shot3136.png]
[Image: Shot3147.png]
[Image: Shot3162.png]
[Image: Shot3093.png]
[Image: Shot3163.png]
Overall, I believe I have enough headroom to add quite a few more buildings, so it's back to filling up that skyline!
[Image: Shot3079.png]
[Image: Shot3161.png]
It needs more shrubbery, more attention to all those details, but it's a fair start.
[Image: Shot3168.png]
[Image: Shot3160.png]
Thx Smile
WOW! Looks totally awesome! (Especially the night shots!)
Just curious...what map size did you use?
Thanks, the park is 100 wide by 150 long if I recall.

I wanted to limit the size to save more processing power for buildings, I still have quite a ways to go to get the density I'm thinking of.

[Image: Shot3169.png]

Instead of just stalls, I wanted there to be regular sit-down restaurants, here are a few...

[Image: Shot3170.png]

They each need signage and more details.

Here is an ice cream parlor from another build, I'm trying to avoid using too much custom scenery, so I might replace this with a much smaller version.

[Image: Shot3172.png]

Here is the interior of a smaller one of similar style I might replace the big one with.

[Image: Shot0914.png]

This is a New York pizza place that still needs some finishing.

[Image: Shot3174.png]

And this burger bar I took from an old build, it does tremendous business!

[Image: Shot3178.png]

Those three towers are from a previous build that is more than 5 years old now.

[Image: Shot3175.png]

Here we have the Central Park Colonial Hotel and also an Egyptian style theater, that I took from another one of my builds, a Hollywood themed park with movie palaces.

[Image: Shot3173.png]

[Image: Shot3177.png]

[Image: Shot3176.png]

Thx Smile
Wow - I am very impressed with this project ya have going here! This is one of the types of RCT3 goodness we need to return on this site. I love how each and every building has its own, detailed, lovely character.

This is quite impressive, Thx. I am really excited to see more! Keep it up!
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This is awesome. I always thought about doing a city park park, but never did. Keep up the good work.
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Quite ambitious. The high-rise buildings look marvelous, especially in the overview night-time shot. I'll be sure to follow progress on this, seems very promising. Keep it up!
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[Image: QLvoQOM.png]
This Is looking great! Love how each building has its own personality! I also love how there is a lot of content but it is not cluttered! Looking forward to seeing more!
Thank you each for your kind comments, much appreciated! Smile

Btw, you can click on those pics and it takes you to a GREAT image host, (try it, you will LOVE IT!) ) but you can also zoom on the pics for a much larger image, it gives you much more of a sense of being there.

Here are a few more random pics from the park, some taken at that "magic hour," about 7:45 PM when the lights are just starting to come on...

[Image: hhgfds.jpg]

I mentioned the lion exhibit does brisk business, look at that crowd!

[Image: hbgfr.jpg]

[Image: bnghsx.jpg]

[Image: lki.jpg]

[Image: vbght.jpg]

[Image: bghtd.jpg]

[Image: iuyyjhj.jpg]

Thx Smile

[Image: P2Wz2hdh.jpg]
Hello folks, for the last week I've been puttering around with DasMatze's Office Day custom scenery.

The building was very much copied from this pic I found while browsing one day.

[Image: Office_Dayk.jpg]

And it leads back to this site: http://www.pc-stuff.co.uk/index.htm

So of course I want to thank the original designer and of course DasMatze for the awesome set!

Here is what I have so far.

[Image: nmjjjjjjj.jpg]

I had to improvise this side of the building because I only had the one pic for reference.^

[Image: kjuhngb.jpg]

Still working on that interior!

[Image: llllllkkkkk.jpg]

[Image: bbvhhhhj.jpg]

Just about ready to put it in the park, I've got a great corner picked out already!

[Image: aaaarfdeds.jpg]

[Image: hjkjkljkljl_l.jpg]

Thx Smile

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