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Infinity Wars Discussion

I haven't seen Ant Man either, but he isn't in Infinity War anyway. One of the main reasons I didn't go see Black Panther in theaters was because of the politics it was obviously going to have. I really hate when movies like The last Jedi have unnecessary political undertones in them, Star Wars and Marvel should not be propaganda machines lol.
I never saw Ant-Man, Dead Pool or Guardians of the Galaxy, or Dr. Strange  but it didn't have too much of effect. Dead Pool probably confused me the most, only since I didn't recognize he and his wife when they were first introduced in street clothes.

If you understand what and why everyone is looking for Infinity Stones, it shouldn't matter what you have seen before this.
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Deadpool doesn't have any influence on the MCU, much like the rest of the Fox films.
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I got Deadpool and Vision switched around.
User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-22640.html
Yeah the beginning of Vision and Scarlet Witch's relationship is really only alluded to towards the end of Civil War. The time skip that takes place between then and Infinity War has a lot of missing information, but it is just assumed that Team Cap' all fled to that remote location after Civil War to stay in hiding.
Rudy I see what you're saying with the politics in relating it to The Last Jedi, but I went into them not looking for anything political, ok the main character of the new trilogy is a girl, ok doesnt matter one way or another as much as Luke being a boy matters, same with Black Panther being set with black people, if they had the same movie set in greenland with white people I wouldnt care one way or another, I care much more about plot, characters, visuals, etc. although of course it being innaccurate to the comics would be the only thing that would bother me there
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Black Panther wasn't Nearly as bad as TLJ in terms of political pushing; it isn't about who plays the characters but who the characters are themselves. Rey is still a Mary Sue, Admiral Holdo is a joke, Rose is as bad as Jar Jar and the whole Casino planet section is a farce. Black Panther's political leanings aren't really based on the movie or the characters itself, but more on what people are saying online and pulling the movie into it.
(Apr 27, 2018, 03:39 AM)Rudy18 Wrote: I can agree that 2 parts may have been necessary, there were so many characters grouped into their separate storylines that the movie jumped between throughout rachat de credit banque (Seemed to be at least 3 "groups" at all times, sometimes 4 or even 5 before they start forming the main groups).
But it's still a great achievement despite the few mistakes you have noted.

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