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Typhoon Lagoon

A new update will be following shortly....Ive done the inside of the entrance area complete with its roof, the roof for the whole complex is probably only about 10% done....but still looking goodWink
Here comes 2 pics just to wetten your apetite.....as you can see, the inside area focuses on the main entrance, which is now complete, and the second is an overview of the complex, the outside shell and building itself is almost complete...here you are....
[Image: 4hulj7m.jpg]
[Image: 4dwwrw1.jpg]
keep posted...
Wow that looks amazing How did you do the building; you must have much more patience than me! That looks amazing; keep up the good work and keep us updated, I have to see more!

[Image: newsig.gif]
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Any feedback is welcome....it seems as if the exchange section has gone stale of late....
Right heres the next major update guys.Here goes Wink
[Image: 4yhlu76.jpg]
[Image: 5x8nrb9.jpg]
[Image: 4pdndrs.jpg]
[Image: 4q6ep0y.jpg]
[Image: 4zbvqts.jpg]
[Image: 4vinxqx.jpg]
[Image: 54m9nyq.jpg]
[Image: 66ov3b7.jpg]
[Image: 6780g75.jpg]
Hope you like.....thats all for now.Remember to click to see the larger images, they really do look better.
WOW looking Good G-Frorce. Nice to see somthing diffrent other then a theme park. Keep it up.
Cheers dude, it seems i dont get much response these days.....nevermind lol
Exhilarating! Marvelous!! You posses great skills.
[Image: 1.jpg]
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Thanking thee....oh mighty one.(he bows)So great to see you on the site, infact....its an honour, especially the nice remarks.Im trying hard to keep the exchange area fresh but it seems no-one goes on this part much anymore, but ill keep plugging away like a trooper lol
Very nice! It looks wonderful

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