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[RCT2] NieSch's coaster designs

That is quite impressive, honestly. Consider your creations rather fondly appreciated as I have been here for almost two years now, and my highest downloaded tracked ride is Alterran, with just short of four hundred downloads.

You do deserve it though. Your creations are so cunning, some have dropped my jaw open on several occasions. Continue! Continue to do what you are doing so very well. You long keep me coming back for more! Keep. it. up!
Your own little personal greeter! Smile

Now six Build It! wins, and several featured downloads! 

Creating cunningly crafted scenarios for you to enjoy!
Current Projects: Redlynch Heights - (Megapark) - Frontier Forest (Scenario Play)

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Facebook: BlazingEmpire HD
Discord: BlazingEmpireHD#6064

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