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When will Theme Park Studio be released? ;-(

Never. It will Never be released.
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(Jan 20, 2014, 01:40 PM)TheCodeMaster Wrote: Never. It will Never be released.

Ye-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sss, it will NEVER be released.
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Its Scheduled to release this month on steam!Smile
Feb 27 IS the release Date!
But that is for backers. They haven't announced the date for the for the public release.
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Actually theve released an early access version on steam but im gonna wait till a full version is up and runing before getting the game
We aren't sure yet but last year or 2 years ago, my friend started working on a similar project. The project was funded by myself and him with him coding the game. It was based on the App Store app called Aircoaster, where you could grab a segment and move it around. He then started going into debt for creating the game, putting hundreds into the project. I only helped out with $300 worth up until he sold the game to a company. He was so close to finishing I have no idea why he didn't just risk it. Some of the people he talked to for loans said it wouldn't ever escalate or be any good.

Well they thought wrong...

He would send me screen shots of some of the coaster trains he would design and the way he could create them was the same way you can in TPS. So I guess you could say I possibly know the original creator who sold it to a company who probably sold it to Pantera. Maybe, maybe not.

Anyways, I know a few people with access to the beta. Is there anyway I could somehow get access as well?
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