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2016 Roller Coasters Discussion Thread

Yes, interesting year for coasters....
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Soon to be more. Cedar Point, Silver Dollar City, and Six flags St. Louis are all upcoming for me. Also possibly Kings Island!

I went to the Cedar Point Facebook page today, and found this!!!

[Image: NJ8vxD0.jpg]

I'm so excited Biggrin

BTW, here are my Cedar Fair Predictions for 2016, I'm still writing my Six Flags predictions:

Cedar Point- Valravn B&M Dive Coaster in the Good Time theater location.

Valleyfair!- Probably some Flying Scooters to add in Route 76.

Kings Dominion- They haven't received a coaster since I305, which is already 5 years old. My guess is that Cedar Fair will continue with their Hyper-Giga Combo and add a B&M Hyper. Probably something smaller like Mako. My hope is that they remove Shockwave and use the land next to that to add it. If not a B&M Hyper, a GCI Woodie.

Kings Island- A Soak City expansion. Probably something similar to Kings Dominion's new Soak City expansion in 2015. Prep for a 2017 Giga.

Carrowinds- Soak City expansion as a Thunder Road replacement.

California's Great America- Nothing Special. Probably a set of Flying Scooters.

Knott's Berry Farm- This is really hard. They just got a Triotech Dark Ride, they have Flying Scooters, and they're really land locked. My best guess is a Zamperla Disc'o like Pipe Scream. They are re-tracking Ghostrider from what I hear, so smoother ride...?

Michigan's Adventure- They should get a coaster, but 8 years since a relocation is too soon. They need another off-year to add absolutely nothing.

Canada's Wonderland- I'm making a bold prediction for Canada's Wonderland; Iron Horse for Mighty Canadian Minebuster. I mean, it's semi-big, and it can make for a good coaster.

Dorney Park- Probably a Waterpark Expansion.

World's of Fun- Flying Scooters

Remember, Cedar Fair WILL be adding TrioTech dark rides to all parks, but none fore 2016. Let the speculation commence!

Speaking of Six Flags, what do you think the Six Flags parks will get in 2016?


It's officially announced that King's Dominion will get a Delirium ride in 2016, and a couple others.
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^I agree. I think that the parks that will get a new coaster are Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with an RMC on Roar, because it's closing and they still have the 150 foot height limit. I also used to think that Six Flags St Louis might have been getting an RMC for the Boss, but I saw that it isn't closing. The other parks I thought might be getting something are Six Flags Over Georgia might be getting something compact in the old spot of Deja Vu, and Six Flags Great Adventure getting a S&S Free-spin, or a Launched coaster because of the trademarked name "Total Mayhem". Six Flags Magic Mountain, I thought might be getting a Giga Coaster in this area, but 2017 seems more likely.

Here is the photo I created of where I think the Giga coaster will be.

[Image: z2g0EpZ.jpg]
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Six Flags parks isn't in Germany where I live (I used to live near Dallas), but I read that two of those new launched el locos from S&S had been sold to two US parks and figured it might be part of a new clone-fest for the Six Flags chain. One might go at a park, but one is going at Castaway Playland, or whatever the park is called.

Coasters = great! My home parks? I live about 40 minutes from Flamingo Land, about 50 minutes from Lightwater Valley, and about 2 hours from Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
i always wanted to go on one of the el locos, they seem pretty fun
Love the sarcasm for Michigan's Adventure. Wouldn't mind any of those other ideas for their parks.
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Now that's 2 of the 3 RMCs for 2016 annoucned Smile
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^ Best RMC yet hands down!
The quadruple down looks amazing.
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