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What is the worst coaster you have ever ridden

(May 17, 2017, 04:25 PM)Slurp Wrote: - Rougarou, Cedar Point
This ride is really bad. Rough and very lame. At least I didn't have to wait for it.
i think mantis was better
I disagree. Rougarou was actually really fun to me. Though, it was a bit rough. The worst coaster I've ever ridden is Alpengest at BGW. Terrible. Too rough.
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The Guardian of Wonder Mountain at Canada's Wonderland
Pure crap, CGI nothingness, not very thrilling, the most exciting part was a small hill at the beginning
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

Green lantern at six flags great adventure. It is so rough and compact, and either your head is banging all over the place or your feet are g-force glued to the floor. It is a painful experience.

It is probably a 3.0.
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Sand Serpent (formerly Cheetah Chase) at Busch Gardens Tampa. I was 16 years old and could've sworn I had whiplash when I got off that thing. Never rode it again (though Primeval Whirl and the Mad Mouse brand of coasters and county fairs aren't that bad...oddly...). That or the Python, which was equally as bad. Yes I've ridden that before Busch Gardens gave it the axe in favor of Jungala. >_>
(May 17, 2017, 10:00 PM)BlazingEmpireHD Wrote: The worst coaster I've ever ridden is Alpengeist at BGW. Terrible. Too rough.

Blaze, how could you? Eek

Seriously, the only bad part is the cobra roll, people. Everything else about this ride is perfectly paced, smooth as butter. Unpopular opinion here, but I actually think it's better than Montu.
Actually, my least favourite ride/roughest ride was Mean Streak. I hated Mean Streak and still do. Alpengeist's MCBR is also rather jerky. With my size, I get rattled around the entire ride, but it is certainly not as bad as the cobra roll. Add some trim brakes, dear Lord!

Alpengeist is decent. It will only ever stay decent to me.
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Alpengeist is smooth as butter (the whole way through). I've argued this point before to no avail though, long story short - B&M made one nice invert when they designed that.
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Not a legible objection as you are freaking tall, Chris. Wink
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Tornado @ M&D's.

No coaster even comes close.

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