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What is the worst coaster you have ever ridden

Don't blame me for making another thread, I just saw that there are no other threads with this topic.

Last thread was what your least favorite coaster from each manufacturer was. Now this thread is what is the worst coaster you have been on from any manufacturer period, and give me why you didn't like it (Think about roughness, pain, seats, headbanging, etc.)

Here is the scale to rate your least favorite coaster:

3.5 = Bad
3.0 = Really Bad
2.0 = Horrible
1.0 = Demolish (If it's a wooden coaster, then 1.0 will be 'RMC please')

Mine: Georgia Cyclone @ Six Flags Over Georgia.

Why? I don't know how good it was in 1990 when it opened. So I have nothing good to say about it. All I had to judge after I rode it was this rough, painful, terribly-tracked trip at 50 mph. So if you visit Six Flags Over Georgia, head for Dare Devil Dive, Goliath, and Mind Bender. Skip Georgia Cyclone.

Final Rating - 1.0, RMC please
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Mine: A random traveling wacky worm. (does this count?)

2.0 = Horrible
Honestly I have enjoyed all of the coasters I've been on... I do have to say though that over the years The Predator at Darien Lake has become QUITE rough, a friend of mine actually busted his hand up during the ride once (cut open because he was holding the handbar weird but still shows you how jerky it is). It's an old woodie that could really use some TLC, probably say 3.5 simply because of the roughness, I still really enjoy this coaster though.
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(Oct 13, 2015, 05:24 PM)Chimalion Wrote: Don't blame me for making another thread, I just saw that there are no other threads with this topic.
wrong: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-2756.html
^ I meant no other threads that have the same thing I had, a system for what I had. The number scale. I want this to be unique
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It was a temporary coaster at an annual event in a small town in Oregon. Whatever it was, it's already been demolished, but calling it a wacky worm would be generous. Wacky worms have dips and turns, and the track is more than a 20x20 foot circle. This was one tiny bunny hop away from being a flat ride. Obviously 1.0. The Ferris wheel they brought in was more thrilling.

The worst roller coaster I've ridden that still exists is The Roller Coaster at the New York-New York hotel in Las Vegas. I remember the dive loop resulting in some minor neck pain the second time around, and this was after they installed the new trains. Not bad enough to be below a 3.5.
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Gwazi, or Twister at Knoebels. I rode twister when I was really little, like 5, so I don't remember too much about it.
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gonna go gatekeeper i think.
its pretty slow paced and a pretty short ride. and i went on with the old restraints which were waaaay tooooo tight.
^Gatekeeper has always had the same restraints.
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(Oct 14, 2015, 04:44 PM)Chimalion Wrote: ^Gatekeeper has always had the same restraints.

During the season that gatekeeper came out it had restraints that would pinch your shoulders, the next season they changed them

If you rode it in 2013 you were probably just too short to experience it.
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