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What is the worst coaster you have ever ridden

There hasn't been a ride I've actually hated to an extent, but if I have to choose, my vote would go to either Viper at Six Flags Great America or SandSerpent at Busch Gardens Tampa.
Right now my most hated coaster is probably any Vekoma Boomerang.
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I have never been on one, actually, but I seem to have a pure hatred towards them. Vekoma SLC as well.
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I'd say as of right now, the Boss at Six Flags St. Louis is my least favorite. I always come off feeling like I'm going to die any second. Also, the walk to the station and back is longer than the ride itself, or it seems at least. 

^Viper is a good ride, idk where you were that it was painful.
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Blaze had said that Tennessee Tornado is the worst at Dollywood, but I consider it to be the best arrow looper. if you disagree ride corkscrew at Cedar Point and thats my argument. The worst coaster i have ridden would hsve to be Firehawk at Kings Island. That flying coaster is horrible and I personal could care less if i never rode it again.
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