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Waldafur - Round 272 Winner

I don't feel confident enough to enter now rct2 is dominating the leader board and waldafur has set such high quality standards that I know now this isn't my type of competition. I'm no where near ready for Build it. Taffyta entered and lost and told me afterwards that she'll never enter build it again
I would not say RCT2 is completely tearing the competition to shreds. On several occasions in the last few rounds, there have been RCT3 winners, and entries that are far too close to the ended up winning RCT2 entry. Far too many occurrences to doubt that RCT3 still has a hefty part in Build It.

Yes, the bar has been set (if you exclude RealCoasterTrack) for RCT3 entries for the time being. Antonov has really showed great skill with only one entry, but there is always room for improvement. In likeness for you, you might not win your first entry, but if you strive to improve, even if it is tough, even if you do not want to, and even if you think you cannot, you can. You just have to put some time and study into realism and the effort for the ride so as it follows to a close margin with Waldafur/realism itself. If you can get even remotely close to realism in the sense of a roller coaster entry in a competition from an old game, you are set to do great things with that game, and this competition.

Essentially, the whole point of this is to say - 'just do not give up.' We have said it, and we will say it again, if you are doubting yourself on your abilities, you will never go anywhere. So, my challenge to you, and to anyone who doubts themselves with this competition, or in real life situations, is just try to do your very best, and give a try at the best possible outcome. No one can hurt you for trying, can they?

Good luck to everyone who takes on my challenge - to those who do not, so be your choice; you are missing out!
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I've lost both times I entered. Not that surprised, honestly. But the fact that my first entry got 0 votes and my other one finished second gives me a bit of confidence.
Information Kiosk 2 looks too intense for me.

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