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RCT2 Hard Hat Area

The Jamaican RMC is now available for download!


Arizona's Oasis, meanwhile, has reached year 160, so the public should have some idea of where the (privately invested) construction dollars are going.

Rattler has received the most attention recently, and though its environment is still unfinished, it is now fully supported (the second coaster in the park to achieve this distinction).


The station is already looking less like a generic coaster station and more like an aptly-themed coaster station.


Construction is also underway in KidZone, with a couple buildings in place and a few dainty supports on the E&F Miler.


A few structures have also sprung up in Sunset Plaza (the main entrance area), such as the carousel...


...the Oasis Skyline front station...


...this restroom with a draft problem (foreground: Dogg Station hot dogs and a clocktower that will be raised in due time)...


...and the unapologetically bulky arcade (featuring Bump 'n' Splash and Pinnacle Peak Plunge in the background).


Aside from a slight retooling of the lazy river, the water park has remained completely untouched for over 100 years.


You may not be able to see the dust from this distance, but it's there. I guarantee you it's there.
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
Terry this all looks fantastic. Glad to see a better look at this project!

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