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Custom Scenery Requests

My email is sugarrushvanellope20 @gmail.com. if you still have it could you sent that to me?
Do you make flat rides?  I have a list of CFRs I'd like to use in some of my parks and I can provide pictures for the two I'm making my top priority right now.  But I wanted to make sure you made flat rides in your custom stuff first.
This thread has been brought back from the dead more times than Voldemort, and when it was created, there were only four Harry Potter movies.

[Image: 66dM4MH.jpg]

This hunch has been proven to be accurate ever since it was posted 10 years ago, and while I hate to end a decade-old tradition of people asking an inactive user to create custom content to no avail, this one is long past its expiration date.

Custom content can still be requested, but since this particular thread has a history of misleading people into thinking that there's a CS and CTR creator active on this site who is still taking requests, it's probably best to board it up.
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!

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