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Full Version: Larry591's RCT2 Coaster Designs
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(Jul 24, 2017, 08:25 AM)aecrouch2016 Wrote: [ -> ]Larry591 Nice work on these. I recently installed RCT2 again on Windows 10. After figuring out how to get it to run on my system by turning some windows features off I'm able to play it. However, it's been so long I can't remember how to play with unlimited money. If you record any videos how are you able to do that with RCT2? I don't think I can use Shadow Play. When I try to record with Bandicam the screen always turns out small. If you know of any good RCT2 tutorials on YouTube please let me know. Thanks.

Basically, what I do is go to Scenario Editor and make one giant "sandbox" park; it eventually gives you the option of whether or not you want the park to have finances, with a "No Money" box you can check.  After saving your "scenario", you can access it from the New Park menu, and you can then make coasters to your heart's content.

Also, if you ever want to change the rides and scenery, you can open the scenario in the Editor and change them around.

Hope that helps.
Larry591 Thanks. That helps a lot. I will try it and let you know how it goes.
Update: After a brief hiatus from RCT2, I have returned with a new coaster:
[Image: 59b7851e6c246.jpg]
Nice ride. I like the colour scheme, for some odd reason. Keep it up!
Tbh, the colors hurt my eyes. It's in a huge contrast with what I expect from a woodie. The lay-out is fine but the colors destroy it for me.
Update: Since the coasters I uploaded last Halloween ended up being pretty popular, I thought I'd do another one this year for the same holiday and see if I can replicate their popularity.  And MK, hopefully this one won't hurt your eyes as much:
[Image: 59f5773da4aa8.jpg]
It's been awhile, hasn't it? You've released a pretty good new download! I like!
Update: I'm back, and here's another attempt to make an RMC Woodie within the limits of RCT2:
[Image: 5a3b6c82c1469.jpg]

Feel free to comment.
Pretty nice attempt there, Larry. Keep up the great work!
First upload of 2018.  Tried playing around with a certain style for this one:
[Image: 5a72655db35df.jpg]
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