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Full Version: Larry591's RCT2 Coaster Designs
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In the case with the jungle roof as terrain, It looks good but you should change the roof of the station as that messes with the perception of the rest of the jungle roofs being terrain.
I've never even thought about using those roofing pieces as landscaping. A brilliant idea, that it is! However, it does fall a little bit because of all the nooks and crannys (or laurels and yannys Wink ), but I suppose only with zero clearance can you fix that.

I enjoy your idea here - all there is need of is a little finesse, and you've got a rock solid idea. Keep up the great work, Larry!
New upload...and man, if this coaster type isn't an utter nuisance to try and make a good track out of, I don't know what ride in this game would be:
[Image: 5b3207bdddc16.jpg]
I was going to try and make one of these last year, but NieSch beat me to it, and I didn't feel like making the same coaster type immediately after he did.

Next time: Now that I’ve been here for more than 2 years, and I’ve had ample opportunities to hone my skills at building and theming coasters, I think it’s time to revisit a handful of my first few uploads from when I was still a pseudo-beginner (having not played RCT2 for about nine years before then). So, my next few rides will be new versions of Badlands Express, Meteor Shower, Gladiator’s Gallop, and Charging Cheetah. They’ll use the same coaster types and the same concepts, but will have different layouts and will use scenery objects from more than just one or two categories. In fact, you might also see the expansion packs and even custom scenery objects added in as well. So even if you like the originals, you’ll probably like the new ones much more.

As for my artificial terrain: Thanks for all the feedback on it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any success finding the specific type of roof I’m looking for to complete it (sloping jungle roof with rock walls underneath it), and I’m still trying to get familiar with RCT2 Object Maker, so I can’t guarantee I’ll be uploading any files using that terrain in the immediate future.

That’s it for now. Feel free to comment.
First redux is now ready for download:
[Image: 5b3b3d5870d5c.jpg]

I think we can at least agree it's an improvement over the original.  I hope to have the next one done in a couple days at most.

Feel free to comment.
The next redux is done.  And now that the 4th has come and gone, it's time for some scenery that isn't strictly American:
[Image: 5b3ddc68c89d0.jpg]

Also, I made a park file for Badlands Express so you don't all have to search through every single thing on NE to get all the custom scenery I used for it (which you can download here).  It has everything for that particular coaster and then some, so you might already have some of the scenery needed to download the next two remakes.

Feel free to comment.
Yay, quadruple post.  Anyway, here's redux #3:
[Image: 5b41856763ea4.jpg]

Three remake tracks down, one to go.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.
The fourth and final redux is done.
[Image: 5b45c5fa9b6b4.jpg]

The layout was inspired by long, sweeping Inverts like Katun and Raptor, while the green and orange rocks are intended to try and give the coaster more of an otherworldly vibe.

Next up: Hoverboard Wipeout managed to successfully combine a WW track and TT scenery.  My next ride is going to be the reverse of that.

Feel free to comment.
New ride: I forgot to look at what I said I'd post next before uploading this.  But while it's not a TT track/WW scenery hybrid, it does use a TT track type with a different type of TT scenery, so I'd say that counts for something:
[Image: 5b9fa321323fc.jpg]

Next up: Halloween isn't too far off, and since my coasters themed with Creepy/Spooky scenery generally seem to go over fairly well, I think it's time to get a head start on adding to my assortment of rides based around that style.  This time, I plan to combine the Halloween themes of coasters like Dr. Twistenstein, Bat Attitude, and Tombstone Twister with other scenery collections.  So over the next month and a half, you can count on seeing about 5-8 tracks from me like that.

That's it for now.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.
Wow, didn't realize how many updates I've missed in here. Looking good! I especially like the creative uses of the TT objects in the most recent upload.
Thanks. I've started brainstorming some ideas for my first of the aforementioned batch of rides, and hope to have it done by the end of the week.
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