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I need some help


Edit: I have the GOG (Good old Games, gog.com) Version. Maybe there is a minimal difference to other versions of RTC3?
I think I can offer one last try: I integrate it in a savegame of the current scenario. You install the current scenario first, then try the savegame?
Bad news. I while I had no crash, I couldn't fit the Bob in the scenery again. Which is very upsetting because I played a game up to 40k only to give you a file the safest way possible.
The try to place it inside via the scenario editor also failed. It seems like the only change is the original savegame, which didn't work either, reading the cards, as you had the beta scenario installed when you tried the savegame. Big *puke* (where's the janitor?)
If it was an RCT2 track you could have run it through the Track Decoder utility and I could have rebuilt it myself using the list of track parts provided by the utility - I actually did this a few times for a couple of rides that wouldn't convert the usual way. I don't believe there's anything like Track Decoder for RCT3 though.
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