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Will there be a RollerCoaster Tycoon 4?

(Aug 14, 2014, 01:46 AM)Drew_ Wrote: it will be a bust, just like simcity. nolimits2 will be superior to rct world.... rct3 will still be the most popular rct game

Its way too early to say that, RCT World doesn't come out until 2015. Atari and Pipeworks have plenty of time to make the game better, lets wait and see what happens in the coming months and then we can decide based on that.

I didn't realize Atari added a Screamin' Swing ride like Skyhawk at Cedar Point, I am interested to see what else they add! Smile I did some more research on this game tonight, and found this:

RollerCoaster Tycoon World will be available for PC and feature a combination of fan-favorite and completely new gameplay --such as an innovative track builder, more rides than ever before, and all-new cooperative multiplayer functions in addition to classic single player modes.

Excited to learn what Atari and Pipeworks mean by "innovative track builder" and "more rides than ever before". I know a lot of people have been wanting similar ride construction in NL2 implemented in RCT World, I for one want Atari to stick with the same track building in RCT1, 2, & 3 but we will see in the coming months. As far as the new rides are concerned, will Atari add a Winged coaster like Gatekeeper at Cedar Point? I sure hope so, that would be amazing! Smile
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The "Innovative track builder" is a spline system. No longer will your coasters have to conform to specific pieces and grid placement.
I know there's a new one coming out this spring. Any news on when yet?
Love Libby Biggrin
No, they are going through the game trying to make it more realistic because of the complaints they have had from fans. I agree with the fans because of the animated look to everything, however they surely won't change the whole game, probably some touch-ups, but it will definitely need custom scenery, so I don't get the point, yes it has better graphics, but I won't be buying it full price brand new. I believe they said sometime this summer is when it will release.

Libby, if you want to see the latest news, just check here:
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