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Will there be a RollerCoaster Tycoon 4?

More real life coasters, parks, coaster inversions like zero g roll, diving loop, etc. Also better graphics as usual. Smile
Definetly Excited about thisHappy. I don't wanna wait, thoughAngry. When will this be out?
What would be amazing for me as a big fan playing right from the first game, would be an online world. Where you can compete financially againt other amusement parks, visit them in POV and create a parks fit specifically for each country. Keep the isometric view for creating and added diversity for bot visitors. Make it possible to create more management in terms of finance and deals outside the park. Commercials, business connections and special deals with big companies to create a copyrighted theme park design.

Another great thing could be that you should start in the small. I mean really small. Like visiting theme parks on tour thoughout the country or as a retro game business.

Really hope you create something cool for all of your fans through the years.
NO!!!!!!!!!! It not real move on..
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It CAN be real if someone buys RCT off Atari's patent collection - someone who actually KNOWS how to please fans - and creates a good game out of it. But Atari, despite it's bankruptcy, isn't easy to negotiate with for patents.

If they want to keep RCT then why don't they make an RCT game instead of getting RCT3, adding a sloppy campaign mode, remove features, put it into the 3DS and then calling it a new game in the main franchise?
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Let me check my watch... Ok. It's a quarter to SO HAPPENING!Biggrin
Uh... I'd hate to be Johnny Raincloud here, but didn't Atari just go belly up? Of course, that doesn't mean RCT4 is dead. The rights to the series have switched companies before. On a positive note, Chris Sawyer has started making video games. Perhaps he'll be more than just a "consultant" like he was with the last game.
I'm sorry to blow everyone's bubble, but...
Atari declared bankruptcy in Jan 2013.

Thank me later...

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