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Tropico Shores

It's really about time that I started a thread for this park.

Tropico Shores started out as a short stretch of path that I built to see how using tracked rides as path borders would go over. Using the said tracked rides, I was able to create an off-grid NCSO path layout. After I had build this stretch of pavement, I decided to experiment with the stock scenery. This experimenting led me to begin building a park based on this simple premise. Trackitecture.

[Image: Shot0142.jpg]
This is the unfinished entrance area of the park. I have yet to add most of the buildings inside the park.

[Image: Shot0143.jpg]
An example of the style of paving that this park is to have. I'm quite proud of the foliage in this screen.

[Image: Shot0144.jpg]
In this screen, you can see Windstorm, currently the only coaster built in this park. In the back, you can see the Motorbike Races track used in conjunction with the Hop On/Hop Off Transport Trains track in order to create a flowing walkway.

[Image: Shot0141.jpg]
And lastly, an overview shot showing my current progress on the park.

Current Progress
Entrance Area-16%
Back Area-50%
Side Area-5%
Parking Lot-0%
Nice park!
Great park!
great start keep it up Smile
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(Oct 3, 2011, 08:59 AM)Coasteriffic Wrote: Nice park!
Thank you very much!

(Oct 3, 2011, 02:14 PM)GameProKing Wrote: Great park!

(Oct 3, 2011, 06:01 PM)BiotecVirus Wrote: great start keep it up Smile
Thanks, and I intend to.

Update 10/5/11
Bringing a small update today. I've been working on the "side area" which will be shown more in the next update.
[Image: Shot0148.jpg]
Windstorm's station. The building next to it is a restroom.

[Image: Shot0147.jpg]
Windstorm's Layout. It is somwhat inspired by Demon at California's Great America.

[Image: Shot0146.jpg]
Once again, I leave you with an overview of the park to show my progress. The park's second coaster(called Shockwave) can be seen in the "side area".

Current Progress
Entrance Area-16%
Back Area-65%
Side Area-15%
Parking Lot-0%
windstorm looks very impressive! the CS suits it spot on around the complex bit (around the corkscrews and then into the station)
Looks awesome so far Smile
Who needs realism when you have creativity?
Don't kill yourself kids!
(Oct 25, 2011, 12:13 AM)The Guy Above Wrote: Looks awesome so far Smile

Great park! It's looking super!
Are you gonna update anytime soon? or ditch the park. I did that to MIsty Meadows. (oh, and why does it say "EAT" over there?)
P.S. Also, I like how you used a bunch of rides as scenery, Roofs, support, ETC.
[Image: ek5uf.jpg]
Try #2
Thread Coming Soon!
It hasn't even been that long, making a good park takes lots of time and care. And it says eat because that's where the food court is going.

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